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Ultra Violet is Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018. Are you ready to rock it? Purple shades can be a little tricky to use – applied improperly, you can look like you’ve been poisoned or abused – but don’t worry! With a few quick tips, you can create a stunning and dreamy ethereal look!

 1.   Hair Colour

Want to be as bold with colours as beauty guru Pony? Start with your hair! A reddish purple shade will give you a sweeter look. For an instantly cool and edgier vibe that’s both chic and modern, choose a greyish purple tone instead.

0921 pic_1_0

 2.   Lip Makeup

Poison berry with ultra violet may seem too heavy, but this shade can actually create a whitening effect. Make sure you pick a glossier lipstick rather than a matte texture, so your lips won’t look too thick. A slight touch is enough to highlight your overall makeup – remember, less is more! Let your lips shine with beautiful violet radiance.

0921 pic_2_0

 3.   Smokey Eyes

Ultra-violet can make your eyes look bruised if you don’t know the secret to use it: Apply eyeliner and eyeshadow subtly at the outer third of each eye for a deep, sensual effect. Make sure you don’t cover too big an area! To perfect this luxurious look, choose a gradation of red wine colour or earth tones for the front part of your eyelids to create the illusion of bigger and brighter peepers!

0921 pic_3_0

 4.   Purple Mascara

Coloured mascara may not be your usual choice for eye makeup, but it can enhance your look and make eyeshadows in the same colour series pop with extra sparkle. Just a few swipes of coloured mascara will flatter your eye makeup and make a statement!


Besides colour-coordinating your hair and makeup, you can also accentuate your ultra violet palette with different shades of purple clothing and accessories. As long as you know the trick of mixing and matching, ultra violet can be a fun and exciting colour to play with! Embrace this powerful colour and charm the world in purple!







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