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Are you tired of the standard “office appropriate” eyeliner? Being bold is a buzzword in beauty, a colored eyeliner might bring your make-up to the next level. Why not give a try on wearing colored eyeliner at some special occasion? Yet, we know that it is not an easy task to master, you may worry about what color you should wear, which kind of eyeliner you should apply and what kind of eyeliner you should try. Let us help you to do it step by step, keep reading to learn easy hacks to wear colored eyeliner.

#Hack 1 – Take the baby step

When it comes to colored eyeliner, you may be scared about adding too much color. The make-up artist suggests that you can start from the baby step. No matter what style you are going to have, you can start with a thin and small colored line from your upper eyelid first. Simply starting from the middle of your eye, then extend to the outer corner. For the beginners, you can use the eye pencil to outline the shape that you are up for.

Close-up of beautiful woman make-up with black eyeliner.

#Hack 2 – Pick the right product

There are different types of colored eyeliners, such as liquid eyeliner, gel eyeliner, and pencil eyeliner. How to pick the right product? Firstly, if you want to achieve a bold line, you may go for liquid eyeliner. On the contrary, you want to go for a thin line or blend color, and then pencil eyeliner is a wise choice. When you feel more confident to make more shape, you can try gel eyeliner to create a soft and hard line.

young woman applied eyeliner

#Hack 3 – Colored your waterline

Cat’s eye is easy to achieve, how about colored cat’s eye? The make-up artist suggests that you may apply bold color to your lower waterline first when you think colored cat’s eye is too much for you. To have a hassle free colored waterline, the make-up artist also suggests that you may choose waterproof colored eyeliner so that it wouldn’t move or be dull.


Beauty duo close up with wet hair and make up

#Hack 4 – Go for bold style

After mastering the art of colored eyeliner, you may go for a bold style! According to a make-up artist, you may use a total opposite eyeliner shade on the spectrum to create contrast with your eye color and really make your eyes pop. “If you have brown eyes, use a light or a dark blue liner or smudge it over your lash line.

beautiful blue eye close - up, bright make-up


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