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Celebrities and influencers look perfect all the time, you may wonder why their make-up can last like FOREVERRR without a sweat. Then, you probably get it wrong! Celebrities and influencer constantly reapply the makeup before shooting. We know that you don’t have that much time to reapply makeup. Yet, you can learn easy hacks to make your make-up last longer!


#Makeup hacks 1 – Apply primer before foundation

We know that everybody is rushing in the morning, most of us would jump to applying foundation in order to get out of the house as soon as possible. Yet, that is the key reason that your make-up cannot last until the night party starts, you skip the primer. Don’t neglect the power of a good primer! Applying a layer of primer can smooth your skin and create a layer between the foundation and your skin. As a result, you have a perfect skin complexion to add any make-up on top and don’t have to worry how long does it last!

Young woman removing makeup. Skin care concept.

#Makeup hacks 2 – Opt for waterproof beauty products

When it comes to make-up in summer, the secrets of long-lasting make-up is the opting for waterproof products that allow you to go against high humidity in the air or raining days. Waterproof mascara is the basic to keep your eye sparkling all the time. On the other hand, there are plenty of waterproof beauty products including, liquid lipstick, eyeliner, and concealer. All these beauty products will help you achieve long-lasting make-up without sweat!

beauty woman take mascara on the pink background

#Makeup hacks 3 – Touch up with setting powder

Most of us would not spare one more minute to touch up with setting powder, yet, this one-minute effort would bring you an all day long effect! Why? By touching up with setting powder, it can brighten up your skin tone, contouring and highlighting by absorbing excessive oil.


Makeup powder products with foundation blush eye shadow and brush on white wood background flat lay

#Makeup hacks 4 – Do setting spray twice

After touching up with your setting powder, it would be secure to do your setting spray in order to keep your make-up hold to its maximum. More importantly, spray your face can keep your face hydrated when you stay at the air-conditioned environment all day long.

Beautiful woman face spray on face lotion cosmetology


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