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Having a signature makeup look is like having a go-to outfit that you know you always look amazing and that works for every occasion. Not sure exactly what yours is? Before you create a new signature look or tweak your existing one, consider the following tips…

#1 Determine your best feature

First, think about what your best features are, or which features you want to draw attention to. It gives you a clearer direction about emphasising the features you love and disguise the ones you don’t. If you have beautiful cheekbones, emphasize with a dose of contouring and illuminating to really make them pop. Have great lips? Consider a bold lip colour and keep the rest of your face clean for balance.

Close up of young asian woman with beautiful make up looking away and thinking. Korean female model with red make up against red background.

#2 Have fun experimenting

Experimenting is important because the thing that suits you best might be out of your comfort zone. Why not have a little fun with your makeup and try new things – think a full-on smoky eye, shocking pink lip or major winged eye. Makeup is supposed to be fun. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with makeup. Why not try trends like neon eyeliner or k-beauty gradient lip? You never know you might like it more than your tried-and-tested look. Do not limit yourself.

Close up of cute asian girl with glowing skin against blue background. Beautiful face of girl with fresh healthy skin.

#3 Consider your comfort zone

Think about the makeup you can’t live without. Do you feel naked without your perfectly painted lips?  If there’s a particular celebrity look that always catches your eyes, but you think it’s a little bit too much to wear every day? Instead of simply copying a celebrity look, you often need to go deeper. Try to think about how you can make it works for you and figure out what you feel comfortable in that is also appropriate for your lifestyle.

Young woman smiling with her eyes closed while doing makeup. Korean female model enjoying doing make up.

#4 How much time you have

Be realistic. If you’re in a time crunch in the morning, forget about that perfect cat eye that is going to take you 15 minutes to complete. Instead, a makeup look that’s focused on enhancing healthy, glowing skin is key. And if you have few extra minutes, you might go for that eye makeup look you’ve been waiting to try — whether it’s a vivid liner or smouldering shadow.

Portrait of woman with straight brown hair. Asian woman with a long hair looking at camera.


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