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In recent years, although there is a trend of wearing glasses, contact lenses are still very popular, because contact lenses do bring a lot of convenience to those who are short-sighted. Some people will even choose coloured contact lenses to enhance their appearance. However, even contact lenses are convenient and beautiful, the following six people are not suitable for wearing contact lenses!


1.During menstrual period, pregnant & lactating women

During menstrual period, your immunity drops, the resistance of your eyeball is also reduced, and the secretion of tears is cut down. Therefore, it is easier to deposit the chemotactic product produced by bacteria between the cornea and the contact lens, which increases the risk of bacterial corneal ulcer. Also, the intraocular pressure will be higher than usual in this period, the eyeball is easy to be congested and the endocrine function changes, leading the reduction of the corneal tissue barrier function, and you will feel uncomfortable of wearing contact lenses.

The hormones of pregnant and lactating women will change, the eyes and corneas will have edema which is not suitable to wear contact lenses.

 0919 pic_1

2. People with eye diseases

If you have eye diseases, such as dacryocystitis, corneal inflammation, conjunctivitis, uveitis, dry eye or glaucoma, you should stop wearing contact lenses, whether long-term or temporary.

 0919 pic_2

3. People who have a cold

People with colds are more likely to cause mild conjunctivitis or keratitis. If there is a fever, the blood vessels in the eye will expand and become more congested. In addition, when you have a cold, your hands will occasionally get coughing or sneezing bacteria. If you do not completely clean your hands before you wear or remove contact lenses, bacteria will run into the eyes, causing eye diseases.

 0919 pic_3

4. Primary and middle school students

Primary and secondary school students are in the developmental stage, myopia is in an unstable stage, and the cornea may not be suitable for contact lenses, which may cause corneal epithelial shedding, or even corneal ulcers or perforations. In addition, many students do not pay attention on eye hygiene, often wearing contact lenses wrongly, cleaning contact lens improperly or wearing contact lenses overnight etc., all these can cause corneal infection and other eye diseases.

 0919 pic_5

5. Over 40 years old

The eyes of people over 40 will have reduced tolerance to hypoxia, tear secretion will also decrease, dry eye is prone to occur, and you will feel uncomfortable of wearing contact lenses.

 0919 pic_6

6. People who work or live in a special environment

People who work in environments that are dusty or heavily contaminated with smoke, or in the place where have acid, alkali and functional chemicals are not suitable for wearing contact lenses.







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